Don’t live in fear of Carbs

So your friend Sarah lost X lbs after going on a no/low carb diet in just 2 weeks… Well if it worked for her then you’re thinking, it’ll surely work for you.

Let me give you the explanation/science behind Sarah’s ‘amazing’ weight loss (note how i used the word weight not fat).

Carbs are stored as Glycogen in the muscles and liver. But for every 1 gram of carbs your body stores, it also stores 3 grams of water. Meaning, that’s a total of 4 grams, but 75% is water. So when people are on low-carb or no-carb diets, the reason they think they have lost weight is due to loss of glycogen and water, not actual fat. MIND BLOWING STUFF eh.

That dreaded C word seems to have the worst possible reputation in todays fitness and healthy eating industry. Every day a new article is released stating different things, carbs are good, carbs are bad, embrace carbs, cut carbs. It’s no wonder we’re all confused when it comes to knowing what to believe.

I often hear people say, they are ‘cutting’ carbs from their diet. And I die a little inside every time because cutting carbs is not necessary or healthy. You might thinks it’s helping you achieve your goals faster, but in hindsight it might actually be hindering you and slowing your overall progress.


Cutting carbs is not sustainable. You might think it’s working for a day, maybe 2, a week, but it’s not long term because your body needs the energy they provide.

What is important so is to find the ideal carb balance.

It’s also important to note the classification of carbs. The most simplistic way is to divide them into 2 categories:

  • Simple Carbs (Fruit Sugar, Milk sugar, Table sugar, Honey)
  • Complex Carbs (Whole grains, Vegetables, Seeds, Cereals, Starches and Fibres)

It’s important not to overindulge in the simple carbs and to fill up more with complex carbs. The slower the carb is absorbed into the bloodstream, the more satisfied for longer you will feel, and it won’t leave you feeling fatigued, and bleugh.

Good Carbs are a thing

Most fruits and Vegetables  





Minimally-processed grains




Brown Pasta





Whole Grain bread and Rye



Low-fat dairy


Brown Rice


Nuts and Seeds


Benefits of incorporating the above? 🙂

  • Manage food cravings
  • Actually promotes sustainable weight loss
  • Prevents energy dips and fatigue
  • Keeps you full for longer
  • Prevents a lack of concentration and mood issues


And the carbs you should try minimise intake are:


White bread


White rice


White pasta


White potatoes


Instant Mash










Packaged breakfast cereal


over-ripe bananas




So notes to take away here are the following:

  • Good carb sources can actually be important for weight loss
  • They increases satiety (feelings of satisfaction after eating)
  • They Improves apetite control
  • They do make it easier to achieve a healthy body weight

So don’t do something drastic like ‘cut carbs’ because you read somewhere it works. Those initial lbs you think you’re loosing when you ‘cut carbs’ is just water weight, and will creep back on twice as fast when you start to add them back in.

Be smart, be realistic, enjoy your food, enjoy your carbs, but as always, be mindful of portions and quantities, and which category they fall under.


Sophs xx


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