How To Stay Healthy At Work

You’re trying to live a healthier lifestyle but we all know that the office can be an absolute minefield when it comes to trying to stay on track with your healthy lifestyle. It seems like every second day it someone’s birthday, or sweets have been brought, doughnuts, you name it… the sweet station is always home to something tempting. Everyone else tucks in, and you’re sat there sticking out like a sore thumb because it’s noticed you’re not. Peer pressure is not just found in the school yard, I’ve previously been criticized and questioned from those around me for my food choices. And I know, it can be so tough to say no, but here are my top tips to avoid those nasty temptations at work.

Keep Your Drawer Stocked Up

Have healthy snacks on hand. Stock your drawers with fresh fruit, veggie sticks, rice cakes, protein bars or homemade energy balls. Ask about having a fresh fruit bowl in the kitchen, most companies will donate towards something to better it’s employee’s wellbeing’s. It is much easier to turn down that second slice of birthday cake when you know you have a healthy alternative in arms reach. Keep porridge or your breakfasts go to’s in the work kitchen, so if you’ve rushed out of the house in the morning, you’ll not go starving all morning.

Bring Your Lunch To Work

Why not meal prep on a Sunday so you’re able to bring your lunches to work. This will mean you won’t be tempted to get that chicken fillet roll from the deli, or be tempted by that bag of crisps while you’re in there. And be prepared the night before, keep your Tupperware’s in a place where even if you’re in a rush out the door in the morning you’ll remember to grab them.

Be Open About Your Lifestyle

It can be daunting telling people you’re embarking on a healthier lifestyle, and I can’t really explain why, maybe it’s because when you tell someone your turning down that slice of cake cause of your diet, you might be subject to a judgy look. So if your colleagues start to question your healthy eating patterns, don’t get defensive or aggressive. Just calmly explain that you’re making these choices to benefit your health and that you are truly passionate about looking after your body. And don’t criticise them or force your opinions on them. Just explain what you’re doing and why, and ask them to kindly respect your decisions. You never know, you might even encourage them to make healthier choices too.

Be In It Together

See if there are others in the office that are also on their own journeys towards healthier living. They too might be interested in healthy eating. You can scout out the local healthy eateries together or even share meals and snacks.

Don’t Let Yourself Down

When you’re offered a slice of cake, or passed the biscuit tin, take a moment to reflect and listen to your body. Are you actually hungry? Or are you just eating for the sake of it? Try to provide your body with what it actually needs, nourishing wholesome food; rather than what you want.

Stick To Your Guns

When your colleagues criticise you, laugh at you or try to bring you down for your choices, don’t waiver. Stick to your guns. Just smile sweetly and shake it off. There is no need to argue or lower yourself to their level by criticising their choices. Just eat your salad or lunch from your Tupperware and know that what you’re doing is ultimately benefiting your health in the long term.

But Lastly, Moderation Not Deprivation

If you really really want a cupcake then have one; just maybe not every single day!! Life is for living and food is to be enjoyed not deprived. Straying from your diet every now and again will not throw you off in the Long Term. You can have little indulgences and still make progress because balance is key. It’s important we have a healthy relationship with food, so treats every now and again allows you to stick with your healthy lifestyle long into the future.

Have a lovely week,

Sophs xx


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