*Busting Health, Nutrition and Fitness tips*

Whether its magazines, social media platforms like facebook, Instagram etc., even TV commercials.. there are so many health, fitness and nutrition lies out there. And no-one really know what to believe anymore. Or distinguish between fake and reality.

Here are my top 10 myths and fibs busted!

1. Lifting weights makes you bulky.

The number one myth in the woman’s fitness industry. And could not be further from the truth. In today’s society, I think it has become more noticed, that lifting weights will not make you bulky. Lifting weights enables you to build lean muscle and sculpt your body. Lifting weights will give you that ‘Toned’ look that everyone desires. I’ve been lifting weights almost 12-18 months now, and on a daily basis and if you follow my Instagram page @sophs_b_, you’ll know that doing it has completely transformed my body composition… but, I don’t look like Arnie.

Eating cupcakes, donuts and living of fast foods however, that will make you bulky.

2. You can spot reduce fat.

Unfortunately, you can’t. Doing 100 tricep dips won’t make your bingo wings go away, it will just build up muscle beneath them. Instead of trying to lose fat from one place through targeted exercises, put your focus into improving your diet and reducing your overall body fat. By reducing your overall bodyfat, working on your muscles alongside this, the weight will start to shift and your toned muscles will start showing through. So don’t be discouraged if your stomach is toning out, but your thighs are still chunky or visa versa. All good things take time, the cliché saying, Rome wasn’t built in a day, same applies here. You didn’t put on the weight overnight, so you cannot expect to lose it overnight either.

3. Doing loads of crunches gives you abs.

No, it doesn’t. Similar to the point above. Doing core exercises will build strength and muscle, but this won’t show unless you reduce your overall body fat. My main tip, incorporate 10 minutes of Core work to your workout 4/5 times a week to strengthen your core and over time when you start to lose more and more body fat, you will gradually start to notice the changes.

4. If you’re not sore then you didn’t train hard enough.

Not one bit true. You can have an amazing workout and not be sore the next day. Plus, if you train regularly and support your recovery through good nutrition, sleep, reduced stress and foamrolling, then soreness will be greatly reduced. I weight train 5/6 times a week, and unless I take a week or 2 off training completely, I very rarely get sore, no matter how hard I push myself.

5. The more training the better.

Nope. Spoiler alert: you don’t need to train 7 days a week for hours a day to get results. This can actually lead to issues such as overtraining, injury and fatigue if you’re not recovering adequately. Try make the gym 3 or 4 times a week, and use the time spent there wisely, making sure you push yourself, and the results will come with patience.

6. You have to be ripped to be healthy.

No, you don’t. Having abs is not a sign of good health, and neither are extremely defined arms or toned bum cheeks. Health is so much more than how you look. As girls, we naturally carry more bodyfat than men, and unless you have an unnaturally and unhealthily low bodyfat percentage, you won’t look like those seriously skinny girls posted across Social Media platforms. It’s more important to be aware of how you feel, function and perform. So forget about those skinny girls you see posted across social medias, they are like that because they diet like crazy, eating too little, and inside are feeling miserable. Instead focus on being the healthiest version of yourself and the happiest version. Stop comparing yourself to others, it’s you Vs you.

7. Juice cleanses and detox teas work.

No. They. Don’t. Your body will detox itself naturally when you adapt a healthier lifestyle and diet. Please don’t buy into this fad that has taken over. Unfortunately, as already stated there is no short-term fix. Yes, you could switch up your cups of normal milky tea for some green tea or peppermint tea, but stay away from these detox type ones claiming to make you lose lbs in only 2 weeks. While they boast this, and it is somewhat a little true, it’s typically jusy water weight you’re losing and you will put back on when you stop drinking it. Try by adapting a healthy lifestyle, diet and drinking enough water to begin with, and this water weight will fall off naturally and stay off. What’s worse about these teas is that they have huge health risks associated with them and interfere big time with the contraceptive pill.

8. Carbs are the devil.

No, they’re not and no they don’t make you fat. Trust me, I fell into that trapped mind-frame before and learned the hard way that your body will not be able to survive without them. They’re a valuable energy source which our body thrives on. How many top sporting athletes do you see on low carb diets? Next to none. As long as you don’t overindulge in the wrong types of carbohydrates at the expense of other macronutrients, they’re absolutely fine. And as for not eating carbs after 6pm, of course you can!!! Especially if you’ve trained and need to refuel. They will be used to help you recover and repair. When the clock strikes 6pm your body doesn’t turn into a fat storing machine.

9. High Reps V Low Reps.

It doesn’t always have to be High reps and low weights. Pick up some heavy weights to get the results you want and feel like a badass in the process. Heavier weights will build strength while toning at the same time. So mix it up. Shock your body from week to week. Try different rep ranges each week. Challenge yourself, greater things will come from stepping outside your comfort zone.

10. Cardio, LISS vs HIIT.

While it is important to keep active, too much low intensity cardio (LIIS)(aka being a carido bunny) can actually be destructive when it comes to weight loss. Ever heard of the saying, too much of something good is bad? Well same concept applies here. Have you found yourself doing hours of cardio per week and still not seeing the desired results? Has that led to you feeling unmotivated as a result? Why is this? Your body has plateud, you’re not challenging yourself enough. Take it from me, a former cardio bunny who used to spend hours pounding the treadmill or on the crosstrainer, switch up those long boring hours for some short sharp sprint intervals and you will notice the weight will shift quicker and you won’t feel like you’re living inside the gym. Try and start by incorporating 20 minutes to the end of your workout, 30 seconds max speed, 30 seconds normal speed and see how it goes.

Sophs xx


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