What motivates you?

What motivates you in life is something you need to discover if you want to achieve remarkable success. Without motivation, you will never have the drive to take action. And without action, you can never reach your goals and live your dreams.

What motivates me?

Achieving everyday success, seeing my hard work and endless efforts pay off, working on my fitness goals, furthering my career, helping and motivating others… the list is endless. And knowing what motivates me is what gets me up every morning at 04.30am and what motivates me to utilise every minute of every day and strive for success. Strive to better myself. Strive to achieve my gaols.

So what motivates you? what makes you wake up each morning? What drives you and why do you go through life each day?

So many people have no idea what motivates us. You do not know why you want to wake up each morning, and you do not know what you want to do with your life. That’s okay to a certain extent. Some people wake up each morning because they HAVE to go to work or college.

Most people spend a minimum of 8 hours a day into their work or in college. And if you work or study because you want to make money to pay your bills, but you are not fulfilling your calling, you will never have the motivation in life. This is why when they have a choice; they choose to run away from it all. They will choose to sleep longer and sleep later when they do not have to report to the office or to lectures.

You do not want to end up wasting your life chasing for things that you don’t want. What you truly want should be deep within you. So motivation should come from within, not from outside. It is not the physical things that will motivate you; it is the feeling of ownership, the feeling of proud and the sense of accomplishment that should drive you.

The factor that motivates most people in life is their passion. Why do you think all the successful people do what they do? Why do you think they are willing to wake up early and work harder than other people? The answer is that they are passionate about what they do. Think about it, there are times when you feel so motivated for something that you are willing to sacrifice your leisure time for it.

Maybe it is your favorite sport? Maybe it is when you got the chance to travel somewhere you love? When you are so passionate about something, you will think about it all the time. You will be willing to wake up early and sacrifice your sleep for it. This is why passion is important because it can drive you each day to achieve what you want in life.

How to channel your motivation for success.

Sometimes you may be driven by a few factors together, but there will be a dominant one. So find out the one that motivates you the most. And when you know what motivates you in life, all you need to do in enhance the factor and create an intention for it.

Don’t get me wrong…  I didn’t wake up one morning and just know what motivated me. I spent weeks and months, even years, turning in circles, questioning the what, the whys and the how’s, trying to find things that excited me. And there were loads but nothing that gave me the same feeling as the one I had when I stepped into the gym while studying for my masters in DCU, and felt a spark of excitement. My passion grew from there.

Now every morning I jump out of bed when I see success staring back at me in the mirror. When you start reaping the rewards, the motivation and dream just keeps growing.

So start by finding one little thing that motivates you. One thing that brings some excitement and fulfilment to your day. When you find that thing, write it down and work at it, soon you will start to discover more. That’s when your true journey begins.


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