How to somewhat survive a boozy weekend

It’s St Patricks Weekend.. and that means only one thing, it MUST be celebrated. And it’s clear it’s not only the Irish that do, but all countries around the globe uses it as an excuse to dress up in green, paint shamrocks on things, attend parades, drink Jameson and Guinness and celebrate the banishing of snakes. And realistically, it’s inevitable for most that this weekend will consist of an alcoholic beverage or 10, post night-out Taco Chips, the morning after spent in bed nursing a hangover, a greasy fry or hangover takeaway, an afternoon spent watching Netflix, and perhaps even a rollover and repeat.

So I’ve decided to compile a list of suggestions/ideas that will help you get through this party weekend without falling completely off the bandwagon, and keep it healthy…ish

Part 1: Tips and tricks for ‘Healthier Drinking’.


Make sure you eat BEFORE you go out – you need that food in your system before the alcohol if it’s going to help you at all later on.


When you get to the party or wherever you’re going, alternate alcohol with ice/soda water. Now, if your goal is to get as intoxicated as possible, there’s not much I can do for you other than feel sorry for your body and brain the next morning, but try and pace yourself.


Don’t mix and match. Don’t switch from beers, to shots, to spirits, to margaritas, to jagerbombs, to whatever. Bad idea. Don’t start with beer and then switch to hard liquor either. You’re already drunk so you won’t be able to tell how much alcohol you’re consuming, which is when things go downhill quickly. Pick something and stick with it.


Stop drinking at least an hour before you’re going to go to bed. If you’ve been drinking a lot, CHUG WATER. Yup, it’s going to make you want to pee. Yes, you’ll have to get up to pee during the night. Yes, you’ll wake up feeling like an overfilled water balloon. Because you’re dehydrated and your body can only retain so much water, you’ll require a lot of it to get back to level.


Avoid mixers that are high in sugar like a stage-5 clinger – vodka and cranberry, rum and coke, Red Bull and vodka, pretty much any________ and _________ is probably loaded with calories and sugar. A Long Island Ice tea has 700+ calories. A pina colada has 600+ calories. Same goes for a margarita. Drink it on the rocks with a bunch of fruit.


Part 2: Soooo part one didn’t go according to plan.


We’ve all been there. Flashbacks, the fear, a 2 minute long snapchat story, the WhatsApp group is hopping, and your body hates you..


You were accidentally ‘overserved’, clearly through no fault of your own, and now it’s the next morning and you feel like death!!

On to the hangover cures!


You are SEVERELY dehydrated, so it’s important to get fluids back in your system – you’ve lost a lot of essential electrolytes and water from the night before, so get it back into your system. Funnily enough, this is the only time I’ll recommend drinking a sports drink like Lucozade – because you’re dehydrated, the Lucozade can help you get re-hydrated more quickly than just water. Juice is another good option to get you started. Just remember that you’re pumping your body full of sugary liquid calories, so make your adjustments later on.

No Lucozade? Eat a banana! Your body is potassium deficient.


Take a shower. Drag your butt off the couch/bed/floor that you woke up on, stumble to the shower, and take a nice, long hot shower. I promise you, freshening yourself up first thing will do you the power of good.


Pounding headache? You’re severely dehydrated as previously mentioned so lots of strenuous activity is NOT a great idea…but some quick light activity could wake you up! Try getting a bit of fresh air in, go for a little walk around the block, or bring the dog out.


Dandelion Root Tea. This tea is an important part of liver detoxification. Try one cup a day for the next three days. A great brand is Traditional Medicinals and it can be found at the Superstore. For a great herbal diuretic with liver tonic properties Dandelion leaf is good as well. Try dandelion tea and see how it makes you feel. You will be surprised.


Get Back to Your Healthy Eating. It is tempting when you’re nursing a hangover to reach for the takeaway menu or even venture out for the greasy burger, but try and be mindful and reach for something healthier instead. Green veggies, lean proteins, healthy fats, and whole grains are essential in getting you back on track. If you are craving something greasy, why not make a healthier alternative at home. There are so many options, Turkey Burgers, homemade sweet potato fries, homemade wrap pizza’s.


I’m not condemning a mad weekend, we all have them from time to time. And I love long weekends and always plan an indulgent experience for them. While I won’t be having a mad one this weekend, I am counting down the days to Kinsale 7’s which is the highlight of my social calendar year, and what I can promise you is always my booziest weekend of the year.

But what I am suggesting is that you be more mindful. Perfecting these long weekend detox steps has been essential to getting back on track and into my healthy lifestyle routine. Without them the post-long-weekend drought would be more like a two week jet lag. So I hope that these will be just as beneficial for you.

Have a lovely weekend all 😊

Sophs xx


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