Frenchies Food Diary #3

This week, I’m going to go to try and experiment a little more with flavours and spices. But all the while keeping it healthy and within macro ranges.

So I’m thinking…

Breakfast: Egg White Courgette Oats ( actually running through this today on my insta story)

Lunch: Spinach and Cottage Cheese stuffed Chicken Breasts with Green Beans and Currued Rice.

Dinner: Paprika spiced Prawns with Brocolli and Sweet Potatoe Mash.

Let’s go 😊


Egg White Courgette Oats

So I know that alot of people tend to shy away from ‘protein powders’ so this week I’ve decided to give you my recipe for Egg-white oats which is an alternative of mine to proats if I have no protein powder 😊


  • 40-50g of porridge oats
  • 1/2 grated courgette (optional)
  • 90-120g of egg whites/3-4 egg whites
  • Half cup of Almond Milk/Water
  • Sweetener


  1. Place the oats, grated courgette and egg whites into a bowl.
  2. Pour in milk/water just enough to cover and stir.
  3. Add in sweetener.
  4. Heat for 1 minute and a half.
  5. Stir and heat again another minute and a half.
  6. Top with toppings of choice – frozen berries, yogurt, mixed seeds, desiccated coconut, peanut butter.
  7. Bobs your uncle, enjoy 🐷

Spinach and Cottage Cheese stuffed Chicken Fillets with Green Beans and Curried Rice

This should do for 5-6 lunches. I use Cottage cheese cause I am Lactose intolerant and it doesn’t upset my stomach as much as cream cheeses do, but you can substitute the cottage cheese here for Light Philadelphia.


  • 700-1kg if Chicken Breats (5-6 breasts)
  • 200g uncooked rice
  • Tub of Cottage Cheese/Philadelphia
  • Bag of Spinach
  • Big of Frozen Green Beans
  • Curry Powder
  • Mint herbs
  • Garlic


Chicken stuffed breasts

  1. Slice the chicken breasts down the middle and place in the oven on a baking tray for 20 mins.
  2. Heat a pan with 0% light oil spray, and empty half a bag of spinach onto it.
  3. Wilt the spinach and add half container of cheese.
  4. Add mint herbs and garlic powder.
  5. Take chicken out of the oven and stuff with cheese and spinach mix.
  6. Replace in the oven for 20 more minutes.

Curried Rice

  1. Bring water in a saucepan to bowl.
  2. Add in rice.
  3. When almost all water has evaporated mix in curried powder.
  4. Continue to stir and leave to cool when water has disappeared.

Green Beans

  1. Place beans in a saucepan and cover with water.
  2. Bring water to boil.
  3. If you’re like me and you like your veg crunchy, leave them slightly uncooked so that when you reheat them they don’t overcook then.

Portions should be a chicken breast, about 40g of uncooked rice (150gish cooked) and an abundance of greens.

Paprika spiced Prawns with Brocolli and Sweet Potatoe Mash

This should do 4 dinners. I usually mix things up Friday evenings, Saturday and Sunday.


  • 600g of frozen Prawns
  • 2 x Red Peppers
  • 2 heads of Brocolli
  • Mint leaves
  • 2 large Sweet Potatoes/ 750g
  • Paprika


  1. Peel potatoes.
  2. Bring a saucepan of water to boil and boil potatoes until soft.
  3. Drain water, leave cool slightly and mash.
  4. Add in a spoon of Philadelphia or Cottage Cheese for added taste (optional)
  5. Fry the prawns in a pan with some 0% fry light spray.
  6. Chop peppers into little dices.
  7. Add to prawns.
  8. When almost cooked, spice with paprika and some mint leaves.
  9. Bring another saucepan of water to bowl.
  10. Place Brocolli in and leave cook until slightly undercooked.
  11. Drain.

Portions should be about 150g of Prawns, 150g of Mash and well you’d all know by now my stance on veg… ALL THE GREEN VEG POSSIBLE.

My snacks are always more or less the same every week, Fruit (oranges ideally), Rice Cakes with Peanut Butter, Cottage Cheese with half a scoop of protein and some Peanut Butter or Scrambled Eggs with some a Mixed Nuts.

Have a lovely week all ❤️

Sophs xx


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