So you think you are too busy to workout?

College, Study, Work, Raising kids… it’s no wonder trying to stay fit can be a struggle for even the most motivated of people in today’s society. Unless you are really good at time management or like me sacrifice some precious sleep hours to work out, it can be difficult to every day be able to take time out and make it to the gym to get that workout in.
But here’s an idea, why not challenge yourself to fitting in a workout no matter what you’re doing. Hear me out on this one…

So picture this. You’re at home checking your emails, scrolling your Instagram feed or replying to the group whatsapp.. well why not try and do this while all the while getting some exercise in. How? There are loads of things you could do while all the while holding your phone in your hand. You could lie in a plank, hold a wall squat, do some glute raises off the side of the couch, do some walking lunges across the room. Pick an exercise, and keep doing it until you’ve replied or finished scrolling.

Imagine you’re making dinner, and you’re at the counter top cutting the veg and chicken. Well why not do a round of 10 kickbacks, or 10 side leg lifts, 10 calf raises? Then put the veg and chicken on to cook, do another 2/3 rounds while you wait. Or do a circuit of plyometrics while the food is being cooked. Just clear a space in the kitchen and go…Squat jumps, burpees, lunge jumps. Just remember that the food is cooking, and maybe stir while taking a break between each round.

Even when doing things like cleaning your teeth or brushing your hair. Incorporate some body weight squats, static lunges, leg lifts. There are so many simple exercise variations that can be done outside the gym that can be incorporated into your daily routine at home. If you stay committed, even the smallest bouts of exercise have been proven to be effective.

Take for instance my mom, I told her a few months back to do 10 air squats every time she stood up from sitting down for food. And she’s now worked her way upto 40-50 after each meal.

Even just 10 minutes in the morning, 15 minutes in the middle of the day and 5-10 minutes for bed, all add up to a mini workout. Try incorporating a little abs before bed routine, or when the advert comes on while you’re sat watching your favourite soup, instead of grabbing another biscuit, why not challenge yourself to seeing can you do a wall sit for the entire break, press-ups off the side of the couch, plank variations.

But If you’re busy and can only spare a short time to exercise, put in 100 per cent and make every movement count. No shortcuts, because then you’re only cheating yourself and realistically, where there is a will there is a way.

Sophs xx



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