18 Small Daily Changes to your Routine that might Help Melt Those Winter Kilo’s faster

The weather is getting warmer, the days getting longer, but sadly those Winter kilo’s won’t shift themselves. We all know that exercise and a healthy balanced diet are key to achieveing a that perfect Summer body but here are some simple daily tricks and tips fir you to adapt to your daily routine too that might aid you along and help melt those winter kilo’s a little faster.

1. Lower the heating by one degrees.

Experts claim that room temperature should be 18 degrees, to loose weight, why not regulate the temperature to between 15-17 degrees for at least 2 hours per day. It’s claimed in a Norwegian study that our bodies burn fat instead of calories at that room temperature to keep our bodies warm. If at first you’re feeling the cold, fear not, stick it out. After 10 days your body will have adapted to the new temperature, and its Proven you will sleep better.. win win 😊

2. Feed your brain with a glass of cold water.

A big glass of cold water after you finish eating not only fills your stomach, it also sends messages to your brain that your full and satisfied. If it’s not really warm out, or if you haven’t done any sport it is advised you drink about 1.5-2litres of water a day.

3. Don’t eat like society tells you to.

It’s proven that by starting your meal with a piece of fruit or a yogurt, then followed by your main course, that you’re less likely to over indulge on the heavy carb sources or go back for seconds.

4. Stop adding those extra guilty pleasures.

That spoon of sugar in your ŷcoffee could add an extra 20 cals to your drink. Those croutons on the salad, an extra 30-40 calories. That little biscuit with your 3pm cup of tea, 50 calories. Adding grated cheese to your pasta, 60-70 calories. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

5. Do less cardio – but more intense.

HIIT training and indeed Tabatha style training is proven to burn more caLoire’s than those steady hours of cardio on the Cross-Trainer or Treadmill. The short, fast bursts of energy used when doing HIIT and Tabatha burns twice as many calories as LIIS. But you MUST make sure you are challenging yourself. Try circuits of 4-5 minutes: 20 seconds MAX effort, 10 seconds rest until the 4-5 minutes are up. Do 4 rounds. And die.

6. Walk more, but don’t just walk whenever.

Walking 30-90 minutes after eating helps shift weight quicker. It’s at this moment that your blood sugar levels are higher, so you burn more calories. So eat your lunch at the start of you break and go for a short stroll around the block when you’re finished. The fresh air will also do you and your brains the power of good if you’ve been stuck at your desk all morning.

7. Eat your dinner before 8pm. 

Now this is not me saying.. don’t eat carbs after 6!!! No, this is me saying not to have a massive dinner after 8pm if you can avoid it. Your metabolism does slow down when you go to sleep, so if you can avoid going to bed with a super full stomach, then do try. Why not have your dinner the minute you get home, but then have a bed time snack if you’re hungry before it’s time to sleep.

8. A small deficit of chromium can lead to sugar cravings.

Addicted to sugar? Could mean a lack of chromium in your diet. It’s linked to your insulin levels which regulate your blood sugar levels. Missing chrome can lead to your glucose levels yo-yoing and lead to those post dinner sugar cravings.

9. Make a salad with your pasta, rice or potatoes.

Instead of just having pasta, why not have a pasta salad… but portion it 3/4 being veg and 1/4 pasta. You’re still hitting those pasta cravings while getting those healthy nutrients in, eating less of the carby foods, but left feeling fuller for longer thanks to all the tasty veg. Especially coming into the summer, eating hot, warm lunches isn’t always appealing, so a pasta or salad rice might be just what will satisfy you without leaving you feeling too full.

10. Opt for foods that require more chewing.

The more you chew, the more satisfied you’ll feel and for longer. So why not pick foods that require more chewing like hard boiled eggs over an omelette, a sandwich instead of a burger, steak instead of mince, apples over a banana etc..

11. Add 1-2 slices of lemon or vinegar to every dish.

Adding 1-2 spoons of lemon juice or vinegar on foods with a high glycemic index (higher carbs foods) limits your blood sugar levels from rising by almost 25-30%. It has to do with the acid in both. They block certain enzymes from transforming into glucose. It’s so scientific.. but it works best on foods that make you gain more weight. If you’re not enjoying the idea of putting vinegar or lemon juice on your foods, then having a tablesPoon or 2 of Apple Cider Binegar after you eat will have the same advantages.

12. Use vegetables as a repalacement, not as an extra extra side.

Even though fruits and veg have little to no calories, they are unfortunately a carb source. Like anything in life, too much of something good is bad, same goes here with your veg and fruit. So here I say to have 5 portions of fruit or veg a day as we have always been advised to. But you can eat a portion or 2 more of veg if you’re using them as a substitute to your heavier carb source of rice or pasta. And how would I divide the 5 portions? when it comes to fruit, I’d advise 2 portions of 150g a day as fruits are full of hidden sugars.

13. Limit fatty fats, but fill up on the healthier ones.

Would you believe me if I said to loose weight, you should be having an adequate amount of HEALTHY fats a day. Add a handful of nuts to your mid morning snack or a spoon or 2 of pure oil to your salads to hit that fat intake.

14. Banish bread.

Sadly, there’s no alternative here. Bread is a very heavy carb source that spikes your insulin levels slowing your metabolism when you eat it. Switch bread for rice cakes, or make homemade porridge bread as an alternative. Notice the difference in your water retention levels when you iliminate bread, it left me speechless!!

15. Laugh more.

According to a recent study, laughing 10-15 minutes a day can burn almost 40-60 more calories. Who ever neeed an excuse to laugh?

16. Eat on a smaller plate.

Eating on a smaller plate can result in you eating about 30% less food. We as humans tend to eat with our eyes, so filling up a smaller plate involves less food. Sounds so simple doesn’t it?

17. Eat more protein, apstarting woth breakfast.

Don’t skip breakfast to lose weight, no instead fill up on a wholesome protein filled breakfast guaranteed to keep you fuller for longer, and less likely to snack in the afternoon. Starting your day with eggs or some fruit and yogurt can lead to you eating up to 100 calories less per day.

18. Move more when you can.

Park in the parking space furthest from the supermarket. Get off the bus to school/college the stop before. Take the stairs. Get more steps in, and burn more calories. Your NEAT intake will be more, and your body will require more calories as a result. Sounds like common scense eh..? Well why aren’t you doing it already then! Aim for 10000 steps a day, it’s doable, believe me.


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