Is This The Key To Determine Your Weight Loss? 

Determine the why.. and the how will come. 

Let’s not sugar coat it..


The reason why you are currently maintaining your body at an overweight weight is because you’re overeating, end of. If you stop overeating your body will regulate itself, your body will tell you how much food it actually needs and it will tell you exactly when to start eating and exactly when to stop eating if you listen to it.


It’s important to note that you cannot think yourself thin; you can’t hate yourself thin and maintain that permanently because you will not tolerate it. You must accept that there’s a reason why you weigh what you weigh and you are in control of how much you eat.


So you say to yourself, I want to eat healthy, but then you’re rebelling against that by saying, but I want all those Oreos, so you’re fighting against yourself. You have to own that you can eat whatever it is you want but that your body will be a direct reflection of this.


If only knowing and understanding, that by overeating you will become fat, was the secret to being able to stop overeating, that make weight loss so much easier. Unfortunately it’s not that simple..


I’ve posted a blog before about how our thoughts drive our actions. Have you ever stopped to think about why you’re overeating?


99% of the time it is not because you are hungry. You would be so surprised how little food your body actually requires for your brain to acknowledge that you are full. But yet we as humans eat, and eat, and eat until we overeat and then after it’s done we beat ourselves up about it. It becomes a vicious cycle of overindulging, feeling guilty, starting fresh again, and failing.


I know some of you might turn your noses up at some of the below, but hear me out..


The reasons behind driving you to overeat are simple, each time you find yourself in a situation where you are overeating, it is because of something you are thinking or feeling, or avoiding thinking about or sometimes a serious lack of self-control.

Feeling bored or tired are common emotions that lead to overeating, however sometimes the emotions can be deeper – depression, anxiety, sadness, loneliness or fear.

In short, most of the time, although we might not admit it, we are emotional overeaters. We overeat as a means to not feel.


I’ve been a victim to this time and time again in the past. And up until recently, I would never have admitted that. I would hide behind the overeating, tricking myself into believing I was having ‘cheat days’ or ‘cheat meals’ as it usually occurred at the weekend or when I had had a few drinks.

I would stuff my face with everything in sight until I felt sick, which then would lead to me feeling quite guilty. I’d diet drastically during the weekdays as a result and keep myself super busy, and then the same thing would happen again the next weekend when life slowed down again. It became a very vicious cycle. Sound familiar?


I’m not afraid to admit that anymore.


At the start of this year, I set myself a goal to really nurture and develop my mind-set as a result of needing to overcome some major struggles that I was faced with last year.

And a major challenge for me was to understand the real reasons behind why I was to overeating.



So what did I do to overcome the constant urge to overeat?


I became more aware of my thoughts, feelings and emotions and really studied the reasons behind WHY I was overeating and why I was feeling ‘hungry’ or unable to stop eating when in reality I was already full.




Being ‘healthy’ does not just stop at how you look, your diet, or how often you work out. No, living healthily means also having a healthy mind frame.

This is why it is so important to set time aside every day, like you would to workout, to also nurture your mind set, thoughts and emotions.  


To overcome my urges to overeat I had to first start by determining what was going through my mind when I found myself suddenly overeating.


Unfortunately, there is no quick fix here, this will not come to you right away. It will take time, it will take patience, and it will require attention. But when you can identify the reasons driving you to overeat, you can come up with a more permanent solution to combat the problem in the future.

And I know the idea of tapping into your thoughts/emotions, and really studying them, might sound silly, but feeling silly for an hour or so a day, beats feeling guilty for a longer period of time after you’ve overindulged or overeat.


Secondly, I started writing my feelings down. Every time I felt the urge to eat more and overeat, I made myself aware of it, and wrote down the reasons why. Tiredness and boredom came up a lot, however I will admit that lonlienes, anxiety and depression featured on the list once in a while also.


Once you distinguish what is driving you to overeat, you will be able to make a plan to overcome the urges.


My Advice – Ask yourself the following questions the next time you find yourself unable to stop eating or reaching for more after having had a meal.


Am I really hungry?

Am I just bored?

Am I just tired?




Is there something going on in my life which I am not prepared to face?

Am I hiding my emotions?

Am I overeating instead of feeling?


If you unwillingly answer yes to the last 3 questions, then maybe it’s time you started to face your emotions instead of hiding from them. Find the root cause. Focus on your thoughts.


Because REMEMBER: Your thoughts create your emotions, which create you actions that will generate the results.




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