Frenchies Food Diary #9

I know after this boozy and food filled weekend at the Kinsale 7’s, that next week I will be itching to get back on track and back to a diet full of nutritious and healthy foods, but life’s all about balance right J so no regrets. Next week there will be no drastic food group cuts in a bid to make up for ‘damage’ caused. Your body is smarter than that; your metabolism will kick in when it needs to. And one weekend every now and again off your diet will not result in you undoing ALL your hard work if you’re consistent the rest of the time.And what’s more

Changing things up again this week so as to keep it interesting 😊




Egg omelette with Smoked Salmon and Rice Cakes/Tortilla Wraps.




– 2 eggs

– 50g Smoked Salmon

– Handful Spinach

– Handful Cherry Tomatoes

– Handful of Mushrooms (Optional)

– Salt, Pepper and Garlic


1. Spray pan with 0% Spray Light Oil

2. Whisk eggs and Salt, Pepper and Garlic in bowl.

3. Lightly fry Salmon for 1-2 mins with Spinach and Cherry Tomatoes

4. Add in Eggs. Scramble or Fry as omelette dependent on preference.

5. Serve accompanied by 3 rice cakes or 2 tortilla wraps.


C – 18, F – 16, P – 29




Chilli Con Carne – Mousakka on a bed of Spinach.


Because I don’t have a massive pot to make all of this in, I’m going to make the Chilli in the pan and the Mousakka Veg in the oven, and mix together after.



– 600g 5% Beef Mince

– 250g Aubergine

– 500g Courgette

– 500g Kidney Beans

– 500g Slices Peppers

– Tin of Chopped Tomatoes

– 1 Onion

– Chilli Powder

– Garlic, Pepper and Salt

– Spinach



Chilli Con Carne


1. Spray Pan with 0% Spray Light Oil.

2. Crush Garlic and Chop Onion and lightly fry until golden.

3. Add Beef Mince and stir regularly.

4. Add Kidney Beans.

5. Add Tin of Chopped tomatoes and another ½ tin of water.

6. Add Pepper and Salt to taste.

7. Leave simmer for 5-10 minutes.



8. Finely slice Aubergines, Courgettes and Peppers.

9. Add to Pyrex dish and sprinkle some olive oil.

10. Layer Beef mix on top.

11. Create another layer of Aubergine and Courgette.

12. Add more Mince and so on.

13. Oven bake for 35-40 minutes.

14. After 20 minutes, add in Cherry Tomatoes on top and Parmesan Cheese.

15. Leave to cool before stirring.


Makes approx. 6 servings. Serve on a bed of Spanich for added greeeeeeeens.


C – 22, F – 5, P – 27




Ginger, Lemon and Garlic Chicken Curry with Green Beans and Cauliflower Rice.




– 600g Chicken – 4-5 breasts

– 2 Stalks Ginger

– 1 x Lemon

– 1 x Onion

– Garlic, Salt and Pepper

– Curry Powder

– Bag of Frozen Peas

– I x Cauliflower


Ginger and Lemon Garlic Chicken


1. Spray Pan with 0% Spray Light Oil.

2. Dice onion, add to pan with fresh garlic and Curry Powder and lightly brown.

3. Cut Chicken into dices and lightly pan fry.

4. Slice Lemon in half and sprinkle juice.

5. Grate Ginger and stir.

6. Leave Simmer and cook for a further 5 minutes.


Cauliflower Rice


7. Blend Cauliflower Raw in a blender (Tip – only blend 1-2 stalks at a time)

8. Blend until CousCous Texture

9. Add some coconut oil to a large pan.

10. Add Cauliflower Rice.

11. Pan Fry for 3-5 minutes.

12. Add extra Curry here for that added kick.


13. Boil Green Beans in a pot of water.



This should make 4-5 portions. I will be adding mine to a side salad also of Lettuce, Cucumber, Red Onion and some Cherry Tomatoes.


C – 16,

F – 6,

P – 42





Keeping it the same as usual for my 11am – well cause, creature of habit and all that.


11am Snack

– 1 x banana

– 150 g Cottage Cheese

– 20g Peanut Butter

C -35, F – 11, P – 32


4pm Snack

– 30g Bag of Manhattan Popcorn


C – 20, F – 6, P – 3

9pm Snack

– 1/2 pot Cortage Cheese

– Blueberries and Raspberries

– PineNuts and Sunflower Seeds
Forever looking for new healthy recipes and dishes to bring you guys. If anyone has any recommendations or any ideas for next weeks meal prep, let me know J I can try find the healthiest version of how to make it and share it with you all.

Sophs xx


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