#TWFWGS – Together With Frenchie We Get Sweaty.

Previous to this week, I’ve been doing 6 weight training sessions a week, lasting about 45-60mins with 30 minutes of cardio. I’d split these sessions across each muscle group, focusing on a different one each day.
But with 10 weeks to my Summer holidays. It’s time to step things up a notch. My main aim between now and then is to increase the intensity of my workouts to try lean out a little bit more, torch some fat but without having to drop my calories, cause they are already quite low (about 1800).


So I’ve introduced Circuits – basically, 4 days of Circuit Training with the goal being to keep my heart rate elevated throughout the workout, and 2 days of heavy lifting, cause well, I love to lift heavy too.

Each Circuit Day will have 4 mini circuits – 2 x Reps, 2 x Timed – 3 rounds of each.

The circuits will be full body, ensuring that Upper body, Lower Body and Core are all equally included alongside some conditioning exercises like Skipping, Hop-Overs etc. to keep the blood flowing. The circuits will be high reps, meaning lower weights, but the aim here is to finish out the reps and rounds/time not lift heavy and beat PB’s. That is what the heavy lifting sessions will be for.


I’ll post each workout every morning so you too can try it J the circuits take about 60-75 minutes to do all , if done correctly. I have given myself 15 minutes per circuit, and then about 5 minutes of a change around.

All the equipment you will require for the circuits will be gym equipment, but that doesn’t mean you can do them at home. It will just require you to get creative, or do it for time rather than reps to make sure you get a sweat on 😊


Both my heavy lifting sessions then will include the main muscle group exercises and be divided into Lower Body and Upper Body.


Lower Body will include:

Leg Curls


Good Mornings


Leg Press

Leg Extensions


Upper Body will include:


Latt Pulldown

Shoulder Press

Latt Raises

Chest Press

Chest Fly

Bicep Curls

Tricep Extensions


I’ve decided to drop out Cardio as a result in the mornings, as these circuits make you sweaty enough and take time, but I am going to continue with my goal of running 3 x 5km every second night and then both heavy lifting sessions will be followed by 40 minutes of cardio – 20 minutes of LISS and 20 minutes of HIIT.


So keep your eyes peeled every morning for my Circuits of that day if you too want to join me in my journey. Set yourself an end goal, join in with me. As I’ve mentioned mine are my holidays 10 weeks from now – have you a wedding? A holiday booked yourself? Or maybe you too just want to step things up a notch..


I’m going to hashtag each workout so you can find them easily – just search #TWFWGS – Together With Frenchie We Get Sweaty. Let’s get moving guys 😊



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