Overeating and Unable to Stop?

Behold my 6 strategies to combat over eating and try make sure you keep within your daily calorie target. 

1. Spice things up or Add vinegar


By adding cinnamon or vinegar to your meals, not only will they add flavour to your meal and not added cals, but they also are proven to make your food both tastier and healthier.

Vinegar has been shown to lower the Glycemic Index, aka stabilize your metabolism so you burn the food slower. Ideal therefore to add to salads, sauces and roasted veg’s.

Cinnamon can be added to everything from coffee to smoothies, eggs to Bolognese if you want. Cinnamon also slows the rate in which food transits from your stomach to you intestine, therefore keeping you fuller for longer and contains no calories.

Keeping full for longer will help prevent the post – meal slump.


2. Eat when you’re not really hungry


Think about it, when you get really hungry, you tend to overeat. And you don’t need all the food you’re shovelling into your mouth, you’re just living in the moment of being hungry.

I touched on insulin levels above but basically when you overeat, you start to feel full, then your insulin levels spike which in turn causes you to feel more tired, and hungry again..

So why not try eating before you get to that really hungry stage. This will mean you will eat slower and eat less.



3. Drink More Water


Alongside feeling tired, sometimes dehydration can be mistaken for hunger. Always make sure you are well hudrated, and if you start to feel hungry, drink some water and see does the hunger pass.

Aim to drink 2litres of water a day. And try having a glass of water 20-30 minutes before each meal to take the edge off your apetite.

It’s important to note that liquid calories, such as juices, fizzy drinks and alcohol don’t fill you up either, and their rapid indigestion also causes insulin spikes. How about you try pass up these sweetened drinks and srick to sparkling or still water – if you really want flavour, add some lemon, strawberries or cucumber.


4. Eat Slowly


When you swallow food, it can take anywhere between 15-30minutes before feeling of satiation are received from it. As a result, we tend to eat more espc if we are fast eaters. Think twice before going back for seconds also, your food may not have hit your stomach yet, hence why you’re still potentially feeling hungry.

They say you should try chewing each mouthful 10 times. Personally I just try and be more mindful to eat slower. Focus on your food, focus on tastes, try and take time out to eat rather than eat on the go, when you eat on the go or eat while doing something else at the same time, you wont be focused on the task at hand and can also lead to overeating. This ensures you enjoy your food more also and take time to savour it.


5. Have a small flavourless snack between meals


I only tried this one out recently after reading about this technique online. It was a trick discovered by the late Seth Roberts. Apparently consuming foods that are bland regulate the hunger hormone Ghrelin by weakening flavour-calorie associations. For this trick to completely work, you must not consume anything other than water for an hour before and after the snack.


6. Be prepared


So this one might seem obvious, but we all know that our willpower is reduced when we’re hungry, and there are far more tempting junk foods outside the house than there is in it. So make sure you fill up on healthy food before you leave the house. Keep healthy snacks such as protein bars, nuts, kale chips, even a yogurt on you at all times. This will ensure if you get hungry when you’re out and about, you will reach for that knowing you have it rather than buy something naughty in a shop.

7. Eat Smaller

My favourite trick of all, try eating from a smaller plate. Your plate will look fall but fit less and if you’re anything like me and eat with your eyes, this trick is GOLD as a result 😊 



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