Let’s Talk About Cellulite

I get a lot of questions regarding Cellulite and how to get rid of it – so let’s talk about Cellulite.

At its core, cellulite is a fat problem. It’s not genetics, and it’s not “natural”; the root cause is just unhealthy fascia, and the best part is that it can be fixed!

Everyone has ‘Cellulite’.

I have cellulite. Studies show that 90% of women have, had, or will have cellulite at some point in their life.

There is tons of research on the subject and countless diets, creams, and exercise regimens have been invented as a “solution”. Let’s be honest, most of us have tried everything and nothing seems to work. Frustrated, as I’m sure many of you are like me, you’ve had to accept your cellulite as just an embarrassing part of yourself, and while some have embraced it as a part of life, others have chosen to hide it away!

There actually is no such thing as Cellulite.

However, let me tell you this – Cellulite is a word made-up in the late 70’s to describe the Lumpy look fat gets when it is stored above your Atrophied muscles.

Basically it’s a symptom of unhealthy Fat formation also known as Fascia. This is where it gets a little technical. Simply put, Fascia is the body’s web-like connective tissue that runs all over, throughout, inside and in-between; it encases, penetrates, and runs alongside, over and under every structure. Fascia plays an essential part in the body’s anatomy and interplays with literally every system.

So now you know what fascia is, but how and why does it cause cellulite?

Firstly, when your fascia is healthy, it is smooth, malleable, and able to assist every system of the body to work together seamlessly. On the other hand, fascia can become unhealthy and form fat. This can cause the fascia to tighten and adhere to itself, as well as other structures of the body including skin and muscle. When the fascia is tight, it causes pain, restriction, and yes, you guessed it, ‘cellulite’. Cellulite is fat.

Everyone needs to realize, there is only ONE Form of FAT!

It may look different…LUMPY and unattractive for ONE and ONLY ONE Reason: due to lack of exercise, you’re muscles have atrophied! When you see “Cellulite” form, you need to realize you are losing a significant amount of muscle that must be regenerated through exercise and gaining fat.

To improve this look, you have only one course of action… to change your LIFESTYLE!

You will need to strength train to build muscle again and use appropriate nutrition strategies to lose the fat. You can build muscle while burning fat if you know your nutrition principles.

If the fascia were in its regular healthy, pliable state, the same fat would lay flat. Imagine a sausage: sausage is ground up meat put into a plastic casing. The meat itself has no shape, but when you put it in this casing, it takes its form. Same with our fat cells! If the casing (fascia) is smooth, your skin will appear smooth.


It’s important to note that sometimes structural imbalances can also cause ‘cellulite’ to form.

How is your posture at work? Do you spend all day slouched over a desk or staring down at your phone? Do you always sit with your legs crossed or sleep on your side? Our fascia remembers our everyday posture, and all these little habits can contribute to structural imbalances and fascial distortion. It may come as a surprise, but taking a look at your overall symmetry and posture is an important step to getting rid of your cellulite.

Conclusion – How can you rid your body of ‘Cellulite’?

Move more. Eat a healthy balanced diet. Live a healthy lifestyle. Get into the mentality that this is not about diet and exercise, it’s about a complete lifestyle change that has no expiration date. Take great pride in every step you take forward and only look back to see how far you have come.



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