Why Your Day Should Contain Coffee

Pre-workouts, Tried them – and yes while they initially give you a bit of a face tingle, and sometimes do improve your focus; when these effect wear off, well personally, the crash in energy was not worth it. 

In my opinion, one of the most effective pre-workout drinks might surprise you, and you won’t find it on the shelves of your local supplement store. You don’t have to scoop it out of a bottle with a flashy label and mix it with water. All you have to do is swing by a coffee shop and order an Americano. Or just make your coffee at home and drink it before you go.


Perhaps understandably if unfairly, coffee has got a bad rap over the years from a health viewpoint. In fact many studies in the past pointed particularly to the adverse health effects of coffee from heartburn and high blood pressure to stomach ulcers and sleep disturbance. Not to mind the addictive potential of all that caffeine. But downing a cup of Coffee before your workout provides more than just an added energy boost—there are a whole slew of health benefits that come along with it.


– Rich in antioxidants which can help fight against cancer and various inflammatory processes in the body.

– May support more flexible blood vessels and lower your risk of stroke and heart disease.

– May protect against ageing processes in the body & Alzheimer’s.

– Lowers risk of developing diabetes by more that 10%.


Of course, caffeine in coffee can become addictive; consequent withdrawal effects including fatigue, headache and irritability being commonly seen. It’s all about moderation. Here are my top reasons why I choose to power up with black coffee before I work out.


1. Accelerates fat loss


Perhaps the greatest benefit of having coffee before your workout are its fat-burning properties. Coffee—when consumed before exercise—can cause fat cells to be used as an energy source, as opposed to glycogen. Also, the high amounts of caffeine in black coffee will increase your metabolism, which makes you burn more calories throughout the day. Having coffee before exercise enhances that effect.


AND, caffeine and other compounds found in coffee act as an appetite suppressant, making you consume less overall.


2. Increases performance


Several studies have demonstrated a link between caffeine intake before exercise and increased athletic performance. Studies have been conducted to show that athletes can “train at a greater power output and/or train longer” after caffeine consumption. So to gain an extra edge in your training sessions, coffee might be just what you need.


3. Improves focus


Along with increased energy to push through tough workouts, black coffee provides an increase in mental focus as well. Improved focus will help keep workouts productive and effective.


4. Decreases muscle pain


Studies have found that some people who consume coffee prior to exercise experienced less muscle pain during their workout than their non-caffeinated counterparts. Handy knowing you can complete more reps at a higher resistance during your weight training sessions, and run faster and longer during your cardio workouts.

But truth is everyone is different and I believe the key is to become an expert in your own wellbeing. Know yourself what your body can handle and go from there.

Just bear in mind that some people can be quite sensitive to the effects of caffeine. If you are not getting good quality sleep or if you’re feeling irritable on edge and especially if you’re getting palpitations then coffee may be the culprit. And if that’s the case, try going without.



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