Frenchies Food Diary #14

We are already in June – how time has flown. Where has the first 6 months of this year gone? Almost the 6 month mark on this blog too – I cannot believe it.With it well and truly being summer, I am keeping my meal light and fresh and making the most of all the fresh fruit and veg in the supermarkets.


I am all about that scrambled egg life these days. I’ve been flavouring mine with Curry powder, some Cinnamon and some Garlic powder.

Scrambled Eggs in the microwave are the handiest when you’re literally on the move like me. I’ve 20 minutes to prep and eat my breakfast – so making my eggs in a cup is LIFE.

I just crack in the 2 eggs with additional whites and a splash of water. Whisk it, as you don’t want the yolk to explode in the microwave (past experience). Then place them into the microwave for 2 minutes, stir and replace for an additional minute.

Accompanying mine with Smoked Salmon and low fat cream cheese. For an additional kick, you could squeeze some lemon juice over it or just add pepper.


Crudités with Homemade Hummus and Herbed Yogurt Dip.

For those of you who may have missed my homemade Hummus Recipe last week, here it is again:

– Tin of Chickpeas

– 2 Heaped TBSP of Tahini

– 3-4 Cloves of Garlic

– Salt and Pepper to taste

– Optional: Lemon Juice, Chillies, Paprika

Place all ingredients in the blender and blend.

For the Herbed Yogurt Dip:

– 1 small pot of Natural Yogurt – I’m using Kefir as trying to stay dairy free.

– Parsley

– Mint

– Basil

– Salt and Pepper

Literally just add the herbs to the yogurt and stir. This one is best made the night before, as the longer the herbs are in the yogurt, the more flavoured it becomes.

My crudités this week are going to include Carrots, Celery, Radishes and Cucumber dependent on my mood.


Herb and Garlic Fried Turkey Mince with Fresh Garden Salad and dried cranberries.

Ingredients (4-5 portions):

– Turkey Mince x 2 Packs (350g)

– Garlic and Pepper powder

– Basil, Mixed Herbs and Mint


– Cucumber x 2

– Cherry Tomatoes x 3 Packs

– Babycorn x 3 Packs

– Tenderstem Brocolli


– 2-3 spoons Coconut Oil

– Half a glass of Balsamic Vinegar

– Salt and Pepper

– 1 x Lemon Juice

– Spoon or 2 of French Mustard


1. First things first, we need to fry the turkey. Spray your pan with some spray light spray and lightly fry your Turkey Mince until golden.

2. Add Spices: Basil, Mixed Herbs, Garlic Powder and Pepper Powder.

3. Next is the broccoli as I like to use the same pan.

4. Boil the broccoli until slightly softened.

5. Chop into smaller pieces and pan fry lightly in Garlic Powder.

6. Salad time – The secret in the salad is to chop the veg super small

7. Cut the Cucumber, Cherry Tomatoes and Baby Corn into small pieces and add to the bowl with the broccoli once cooled.

8. Store the salad in the fridge and you can take servings from it daily.

9. Make the dressing separately in a plastic bottle or container.

10. Add all the ingredients and SHAKE.

In your Tupperware, add a base layer of Spinach for some added salad volume and extra greens.


Coconut and Chilli Flaked Fried Chicken with Roasted Veg

Ingredients (4-5 portions):

– 4 – 5 Chicken Fillets

– Coconut and Chilli Flakes

– Courgette x 4

– Peppers x 3

– Asparagus x 2 packs

– Green Beans

– Beetroot


1. Chop your chicken into dices and fry in some Frylight spray.

2. When they have been lightly fried, spice with coconut flakes and chillies.

3. Cut Courgettes, Peppers, Green Beans and Asparagus into large half chunks and place in a lined baking tray.

4. Sprinkle with some Coconut oil and bake for 20-30 minutes.

I’m going to eat my dinner’s cold, as a type of roasted cold dinner adding beetroot and spinach. But by all means, make some baked sweet potato to accompany it.

Evening Snack

Banana and Coconut flavoured Yogurt/Cottage Cheese with mixed berries and crushed nuts.

Basically add Coconut flakes and some banana or banana drops to the yogurt, adding your mixed berries (I buy mine frozen – so refreshing) and some mixed crushed nuts.

 Happy meal prepping guys 🖤


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