5 Foods Proven To Rehydrate Your Skin

I don’t know if your skin is like mine, but when Summer hits, I just cannot seem to keep my skin hydrated. It comes from  a mix of spending time in the sun and naturally we sweat more when it’s summer. We also tend to shower more and everywhere is air conditioned. Disaster for drying out your skin – It’s no wonder our skin is always in need of serious hydration.

Dry skin can be the worst. Sure, you can stock up on body lotions, buy hydrating makeup, or try out a super-hydrating face serum. 

But what if I told you that what you eat can also make a big difference when it comes to easing dry skin? I’m not talking  about making homemade face masks with avocado or placing cucumbers around your eyes – no, did you know that adding certain foods to your diet can moisturise and replenish your skib from the inside out.

Try adding these 5 foods to your diet and watch your skin stay hydrated 😍

Olive oil: Who would have thought that this plant-based oil helps skin retain water, making it more supple.
Watermelon: The lycopene that gives this sweet treat its pink-red color also helps stave off UV damage, which in turn leads to wrinkles and dryness. Any excuse to cry WATERMELLLLON.
Avocado: Okay although I did say it didn’t involve making a face masks – this trendy fruit is full of oleic acid, a fatty acid that helps skin retain moisture and plumpness.
Salmon: Its high level of omega-3 fatty acids help boost hydration and prevent acne. Plus, it can help protect skin from the drying effects of sun exposure.
Strawberries: Loaded with vitamin C (each serving has more than a grapefruit or orange), they help prevent wrinkles and age-related skin dryness.

Happy eating. 🙈


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