Nutritional Coaching

Together with Frenchie provides an online nutritional service with a difference, designed for anyone who wants to achieve the results you deserve without the dread of another ‘failed diet’.

Sick of reading and hearing about the latest miracle diet crazes every week? Yeah, me too. It’s time we broke free from fad diets, and adapted an overall healthy eating culture that doesn’t eliminate a certain food group, or ban certain foods. My motto, everything in moderation.

Unfortunately, there is no quick fix solution, there is no magic diet pill or teatox that will give you the long term results you want.

I am qualified in nutrition and paired with my own experiences, I have previously worked with people from all backgrounds reach their different goals and body composition desires in the healthiest and most convenient way possible.

Together with Frenchie offers One-to-One non-judgemental, supportive, inspiring, encouraging and safe nutritional support and information in an honest, friendly and open environment. I want to help you achieve your body composition goals while leaving you feeling free from external pressures and fabulous along the journey.

Please note: I offer online nutrition plans only at this time. However paired with a good training plan which can be sought from a qualified professional or designed by yourself, you can achieve your goals. I will offer guidance where needed.

As your nutritional coach, I won’t hold your hand from the start, you will need to want to make these changes for yourself. But what I will promise is that when you’re feeling down, having an off-day, struggling to stay on track or wanting to give up, I’ll be there to help you along, pick you up, motivate you to keep going and be there to remind you of why you started.

My coaching style isn’t just about giving out Nutritional advice and information. I also want to ensure my clients practice mindfulness, and have positive, healthy and strong mind-sets embarking on this journey. This is an overall transformation package.


Nutritional coaching and body composition plans

I currently offer 3 services:


  • One-to-One Weekly Coaching


  • One-to-One Monthly Coaching

Both the above options are open to those wanting to reach any desired goal whether that is improving their overall health and lifestyle, losing weight, or building muscle, or embarking on a new fitness regime.

  • One-to-One Personal Experience

This one hour shopping experience is a unique and personalized way for you to get familiar with your supermarket isles, and ask all the questions you might have regarding what’s best and what’s best avoided in your supermarket trolley every week and within your budget range.


What’s next?

If you are interested in hearing more information on the above 3 services, then please email me at and I will provide you with more information directly.

This is a no nonsense nutritional coaching program. I want to help you feel and look your best without succumbing to fad diets and overcoming negative food mentality.

It’s time we chose our health, nourish our mental and emotional well-being. Break free from punishing ourselves as a result of our food choices and regain confidence and happiness surrounding our food choices, our bodies, our mentalities and our lifestyles.

The first step towards getting somewhere is to decide that you are not going to stay where you are. Join me on this life changing journey.